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Full Gallery by Dacxilia Deras

Some of these works are for sale in my store, you can see them by clicking on the yellow button bellow.

Currents & Labyrinths Serie


From the introspection of ideas to important decisions in the midst of confusion and fear.

Music Make Painting Serie

"Influence of music on the sensory integration of the artist". I can briefly say, that I am projecting on my artwork what music makes me feel.
But it's not just that, it's something that goes beyond the senses. I don't want to confuse my concept with the fact of painting listening to music, which too, is something beautiful and important. My creation consists of making the music itself, of each note, musical time  and harmony, in a stroke, a space, a line, a color, or a mixture of colors, giving life to a composition that envelops a frenzy and  total delivery of my person to the creative moment. That visual composition represents my personal interpretation of the specific melody,  each artwork a melody made of painting. 

Quarantine's Landscapes


The line es a simple expression of deep emotions.