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Cultural group founded in Queens, NY  dedicated to the expression, diffusion, integration and promotion of the Hispanic culture of New York through the artistic and literary work of its members inside and outside the United States.

Our story

This cultural group created in Queens NY in February 2023 is a cultural enterprise of  the Deras-Zavaleta family of Salvadoran origin, who are also dedicated to art and writing. Faced with the personal search for viable and accessible channels for the dissemination of their work, they found themselves faced with a need within the local  Hispanic community composed of writers and artists, which consists of a considerable lack of community support, as well as adequate means and resources to cover the creative field in an inclusive way and provide a contribution to society through artistic expression.
Hispanic participation in this social sphere is reduced to a minimum. Which has survived through time hand in hand with self-management, which in recent years has been strengthened thanks to current technological tools. However, the sense of community and artistic empathy is almost nil and undervalued. 
In this sense, the Zavaleta spouses decided to found and form Cultural Association Artist's Hope, a cultural association, whose main mission is to facilitate Hispanic artists and writers the dissemination and potentiation of their work, and for this there are some projects such as "The Voice of the Hispanic Writer in New York", among others that step by step will join this initiative.

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